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commander_penis's Journal

9 February 1990
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Sai is around 5' 6" and extremely lean. He's scrawny, but has great muscle tonage. He has extremely pale skin, almost as pale as the paper he draws on. He has black hair and eyes that are almost just as dark. Despite the fact he's almost always smiling, his eyes look very dead.
Sai most definitely does not win the personality of the year award. He's crass, perverted, and just not nice to be around. He is very fake, though it's not on purpose. He feels nothing, which just makes him extremely socially awkward. Most people do not like him, calling him heartless. This isn't something that Sai laments at all. He really has no care for people at all. Though making fun of them can be slightly amusing, or rather, it would be if he could feel amusement.
How Sai Got to Malaise
Sai was raised in an abusive environment. He was raised by a man named Danzou who trained children to be killing machines. Those who could not take the rigorous training in a form that bordered on physically and emotionally abusive and neglectful were quickly eliminated. Sai was Danzou's most prized possession, having been the most successful of the man's "students." Sai did not know another way of life existed until a few months ago when Danzou was finally caught and arrested. Sai was deemed extremely unstable and sent to Malaise. However, he thinks this treatment is rather pointless and absurd. He doesn't understand how what Danzou was doing was wrong.
Symptoms Experienced
Sai feels very little to nothing at all emotionally. He is basically a shell of a human being. He is very detached from the world around him.

He also is an exhibitionist and suffers from some insomnia.
Name: Sai
Age: 17
Disorders: Schizoid Personality Disorder and Child Abuse
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: unknown
Sexuality: Bisexual (in theory, but he's not really the relationship type), though many insist he is gay
Likes: Drawing, talking about penises
Dislikes: just about everything else
Eyes: Coal black
Hair: Black
Personality: rude, socially awkward, emotionless
Talents/abilities: drawing, pissing people off
Love Interest: none at the moment

Kidnap? You can try.
Noncon? You can try, but I can't promise you'll make it out unscathed.
Angst? Yesh.
Attack? Go for it, but I can't guarantee the safety of your character.
Kill? No please
Het, yaoi, yuri? All!
Rating? I would say high PG to PG-13 at the lowest. It is Sai after all, there's going to be talk of penises

Any other notes? Sai is CLUELESS about relationships!

AIM: DarkGoddess700
MSN: googoodolls@charter.net
email: sirenqueen@charter.net
Played by: kanoi_trace

Dislaimer: Original character property of Masashi Kishimoto, played for malaisehouse.
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